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Where your people are first

For most of us, work is a vital part of life. In fact, an average Indian spends about 3000 hours in a year at work. We at Affices, help businesses across India create office workspaces that support their brand, culture, productivity and priorities under affordable prices. Our clients work towards to create the kind of organization that attracts and supports great minds and people, and they want every minute of the day their people spend at work to be the time well spent.

In short, they put their people first. So do we.

Where the customer is the king

How to please your king on every meeting? Certainly, by creating an ambience like the way he deserves. Ambience is foremost in your customer’s experience, the customers will leave an impression of your business based on the ambience of your offices & outlets, this impression can make an impact on their overall experience with your brand.

The best ambience can be deliberately designed to give your business a competitive edge. Research in environmental psychology says that ambience has a powerful effect on customer’s attitudes, their emotions, and behaviour. With its effective treatment, we positively influence million customers to our client’s places. We can impress you by making an impression.

At Affices, we create beautifully designed, functional office space, customized to the needs of your organization at affordable prices.

Our Team

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Kristen Lewis


James O'Neil


Nataliya Stepulev



Augue Velit Cursus Nunc, Quis Gravida Magna Mi A Libero.